About Us

Dorian & Rose is a family owned and operated jewelry business based in downtown Los Angeles. It is a high-end designer line introduced by manufacturer Titan Jewelry. Since 1999, the Dorian family has specialized in hand-made contemporary jewelry with a vintage flair. Dorian & Rose manufactures all of its jewelry in-house in Los Angeles. It prides itself on combining art with fine craftsmanship and providing the customer with handmade jewelry that has a soul and unique energy.

We design pieces that take inspiration from the ancient world, capturing the mystery and spirit of our ancestors. Each piece is hand crafted in Los Angeles using the same techniques that goldsmiths have used for millennia. Our family works together to make jewelry the way we think it should be made, drawing upon generations of family heritage and traditions passed down from Armenia, where jewelry has been made by hand for over 5,000 years. Each piece expresses the essence of fine jewelry

We specialize in diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. We are also known for our high-end handcrafted jewelry which includes our hammered gold collection. We work with diamonds, semi-precious, and precious stones as well as gold and platinum. We offer a wide selection of jewelry as well as allowing you to customize pieces to your unique needs. All of our jewelry comes with an appraisal. We also buy and accept trade-ins of your jewelry and diamonds.

About Tigren D

I come from a family of jewelers with over 40 years of experience. I am fortunate that my parents instilled in me a passion for jewelry craftsmanship and design. My father is a skilled master craftsman while my mother's impeccable taste and lively imagination is responsible for the beautiful designs of Dorian & Rose. As a child, I was often found beside my father's workbench, observing how jewelry was made and appreciating the meticulous of his work. I also watched as my mother took inspiration from her surroundings as well as our culture's rich history. The most valuable lesson I learned from my parents is how to bring balance and harmony to each piece and how to create jewelry with a soul. This inspiration has led me to become the jeweler I am today. For me, nothing is more important than seeing a client's face light up when they wear our jewelry and hearing her say, "it's perfect!"